Hitting the Books in Philly – Joe

For Approaches to Teaching English, which is one of the core TESOL courses, we are required to tutor someone.  My tutee is the best, but more on that later.

For our tutoring sessions, I try and have us meet at different places around Philly so that we can work on her English.  This week, I had her meet me at Joe.

As I mentioned in my first Hitting the Books in Philly post, I love coffee.  And I saw that this place had some pretty good coffee, so I decided that I should check it out.  I’m glad I did.

Let’s start with the coffee.  I got a massive soy latte and it was delicious!  I also ordered a scone which paired nicely with my drink.  It made for a great way to start my day.

They are not messing around with their coffee.
They are not messing around with their coffee.

Joe is actually located on the Drexel campus, but that’s fine by me seeing as how Drexel is spitting distance from Penn.  We were there in the morning (around 9:30) and there was plenty of space for us to sit.  The one thing I wish I had looked for while I was there were outlets, but I was more focused on my tutoring materials than plugging in my computer.  But that’s something to look for next time!  There is WiFi there, but you have to ask for the password.  Not a big deal in my book.

Upstairs seating area.
Upstairs seating area.

It was a good place for talking too.  We were able to have our session without getting sidelong glares from other people who were there.  Since a large part of tutoring requires being able to talk, that’s important (duh).

Would I go back to Joe?  Absolutely!  But it may not be my regular spot since it is a little out of my way.

Where: Joe
Neighborhood: West Philly (more specifically, Drexel’s Campus)
Address: 3200 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Distance from GSE: 11 minute walk


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