Hitting the Books in Philly – Fisher Fine Arts Library

It’s been a while since I have written a Hitting the Books in Philly post, so I figured I owed it to you all to come up with a new post.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Fisher Fine Arts Library is probably my favorite place on campus.  I always feel like I’m walking into a castle every time I enter the building.  Truth be told, I like to pretend that I’m going to study at the North American counterpart to Hogwarts (a.k.a. Ilvermorny.  Yes, I’m a nerd).

2016-01-25 14.40.09

Although it’s the Fine Arts Library, all students are welcome to study here.  I see all sorts of students park themselves in the library for hours on end to get work done.  One of the most attractive things about this particular library is that it is very quiet.  So much so that occasionally you’ll see people taking naps in the arm chairs near the entrance.  Also, they have outlets all over the place!  No more worrying about how much work you can get done with 19% left on your battery.

2016-01-25 14.40.16

Fun fact: The library was used to shoot this scene in the 1993 movie Philadelphia.  They pretended that it was the law library because this building is actually much prettier than the actual law library on campus (sorry, Penn Law).

2016-01-25 14.40.35

Although this place is awesome, I can think of a few drawbacks when it comes to studying here.  The first one is that it can get cold in there during the winter, so make sure to bundle up if you plan on spending your day there.  The other one is that it gets SUPER crowded during midterms/finals.  But if you don’t mind sharing a table with six of your newest and closest friends, you’ll be fine.  Also, you can’t have any food in the library, so no eating and studying.  But you can have drinks, as long as they are covered.  And there is a water fountain just outside the library, so that’s awesome.

2016-01-25 16.30.09

There is also a free museum attached to the library, but I have not been in it yet.  One day soon though.

Overall, I would highly recommend studying at Fisher!  Chances are you’ll find me there before and after class.

Where: The Fisher Fine Arts Library
Neighborhood: West Philly – more specifically, Penn’s campus
Address: 220 South 34th Street
Distance from GSE: .4 miles (a 7 minute walk)


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